Elevator maintenance contracts !!

Most building owners and managers do not have a clue what terms are in the maintenance contracts. Many times buildings are billed for additional services that are included in the existing maintenance contract. This is because the elevator companies know building owners and managers are not aware of what the maintenance contracts include. My experiance in elevator industry management exposed me to the vulnerable position the building owners and managers have.  All owners and managers must know what the elevator service contracts cover to protect themselve from unwarranted additional cost. To understand more about what we can do for you visit our web site at www.careyelevator.com

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Elevator Safety & Maintenance

Are your elevators safe?  How do you know if you are receiving the proper preventative maintenance that you are paying for under the terms of your service maintenance contract?  The elevator business is a highly specialized industry. Only those trained and experianced in this field can recognize deficiencies in your system. Don’t continue to to pay for services you don’t know if your receiving. Carey & Associates, Inc. is an elevator consulting firm dedicated to help building owners and managers understand the reality of elevator system operation, safety and maintenance. For more information on how to understand whats going on with your elevators visit our web site at www.careyelevator.com

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