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Passionate About Protecting Clients

Daniel L. Carey has worked in the elevator industry for over 45 years. He is a QEI Certified nationwide elevator inspector and holds multiple state licenses. His work experience consists of, but not limited to; Draftsmen and Controller Wireman, Construction, Service & Repair technician, Service Foreman, Service Supervisor, Modernization Expert, past owner of Carey Elevator and Carey Elevator Cab Renovation, presently practices Elevator Consulting and has been hired as an Expert Witness on multiple cases. Mr. Carey's consulting firm assists his clients in understanding their elevator maintenance contracts for the benefit of receiving all services as outlined in their contracts as well as reviews all aspects of elevator maintenance procedures. Mr. Carey prepares written elevator survey reports, writes specifications for upgrading elevator systems, reviews billing discrepancies, provides expert witness consultation and State required inspections.

After more than 25 years of Elevator Consulting; Daniel Carey was tired of watching his clients being taken advantage of by the large Elevator Maintenance companies. Through the years, this pattern kept repeating itself. The question then became what can be done to expose the corruption and deceit when only trained, experienced personnel can examine, survey or oversee the elevator equipment? This lead to the idea of being able to monitor the elevator maintenance and then the development of the electronic monitoring system. By placing electronic NFC tags throughout the elevator system our mobile Android/IOS app reads a signal from each tag location when scanned. When the signal is detected by the device a series of questions regarding the maintenance for that location is asked. An easy Yes or No is required, and a photo is taken of the location/equipment. From that information we know who was at the job, what time the location was looked at, what they did at the location and a photo of the area is all uploaded and e-mailed to the building management, Elevator oversight and the elevator company. This entire process is designed to create more efficiency, quality control and help restore checks and balances for the building owners.

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