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Carey and Associates, Inc. has been providing professional elevator services and elevator consulting to building owners and managers for over 40 years. As an elevator consulting company, Carey & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to saving building owners money on elevator expenses by helping them understand the condition of the elevator system and elevator maintence contracts. We accomplish this by surveying the complete elevator system and evaluating the level of elevator maintenance the buildings are receiving under their current elevator maintenance contracts.

During the elevator consulting process we also determine if any elevator upgrades are necessary, if an elevator modernization of the existing equipment is necessary and if all elevator safety and elevator code concerns are being met.


The elevator industry is highly specialized and complex, requiring experienced personnel who understand it. After 18 years of working in the elevator field and 5 years in corporate management, I realized the importantance of providing building owners the insight into what they were paying for on their elevator maintenance contracts. It is for this reason we have been assiting  building owners and showing them how to save  thousands of dollars  with their elevator systems over the past 25 years. 

The question most building owners and management companies have concerning their elevator systems is, "are our elevators being properly maintained and are we getting what we are paying for in our elevator maintenance contracts?" Carey & Associates, Inc. is an elevator consulting company that specializes in elevator system performance analysis, elevator billing discrepancies, elevator maintenance contract compliance, elevator modernization specifications, and an expert witness for elevator related testimony. Carey and Associates, Inc. covers a wide geographic area for elevator consulting and elevator modernization. Primarily covering areas like Atlanta Georgia, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Birmingham Alabama, Houston and Dallas Texas, New York, Washing D.C. to name a few. However, Carey and Associates has been known to travel NATIONWIDE to perform it's services.


QEI Certified Elevator Inspector, with over 40 years of elevator experience.


Our areas of expertise include: Elevator Modernazation, Elevator Specifications, Elevator Surveys, Elevator Reports for building acquazitions, Elevator Maintence Billing Discrepencies, Elevator Testimony. 

Call us today toll free for all your elevator needs (866) 676-4942.


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